The Life of a Fire Wife


When I started my blog, my plan was to talk about being the wife of a firefighter.  And that’s what I did…at first.  Then I found myself venting and complaining and bitching…..and it just didn’t feel right.  

In the mean time I also became a stay at home fire wife, and that changed my life considerably.  Now I cook breakfast for my kids every school day, have time for my garden, have gotten a little crafty, and I’m raising chickens for my own eggs.  So as my life and interests expand, I thought my blog should too.

So I’m adding a few pages.  I’m no web designer, but I’m gonna give it a whirl.  Here are some of my thoughts for new pages – trying to keep with my Fire Wife “theme”…

  • Crafty (or maybe creative??) Wife
  • Cookin’ Wife
  • Crunchy Wife (all things earthy…garden, my chickens, my compost – haha.  You get the idea!)
  • I”m sure I’ll think of others!


So hang on tight while I try to figure this thing out – and if you have any web design/wordpress tips I’d sure appreciate it!



Fire Wife

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